Question On How To Solve For Net Accounts Receivable?

Company Z has the following balances in its 2012 general ledger at December 31, 2012 (before adjusting journal entries):
Sales revenue for 2012 $200,000
Accounts Receivable, 12/31/12 50,000
Allowance for Doubtful Accounts, 12/31/12 (before AJE) 1,000 credit
All write-offs of accounts receivable have already been posted during 2012.
Assume Company Z estimates bad debts to be 2 percent of total sales.
3. What amount would appear for Net Accounts Receivable in the 12/31/12 Balance Sheet after adjusting journal entries?
A. $51,000
B. $46,000
C. $45,000
D. $47,000
E. None of the above, the correct answer is $__________
now i know the Answer is C. Im just wondering how to solve for it

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