Question on teeth whitening?

Just asking to see how much teeth whitening is, im a teenager, if that means anything to it, also if you are on the NHS does that lower the price or anything? anybody had any experience?

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  1. Mona says:

    Teeth whitening like Laser or Zoom can cost from £200 upwards and it is not available on the NHS as it’s deemed as cosmetic.

    You could get a whitening tray from your Dentist which is used at home and gradually whitens teeth, every Dentists will have their own prices, but probably still quite costly.

    You can also buy home whitening kits from Boots etc, which will be cheaper and look out for offers for kits on Groupon, KGB Deals and Wowcher, they can often be purchased quite inexpensively.

    Oh and just to add, like Zowie I had Zoom whitening done where the mouth is kept open, bleaching agent is added to the teeth and an ultra violet light shone on the teeth for 1 hour. The bleaching solution burnt my Gums and lips and my teeth were so ultra sensitive afterwards, I couldn’t eat or drink anything for 24 hours and had to take Nurofen, couldn’t sleep either. For this agony I paid £300 and wouldn’t ever have it done again either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Using orange peels is a MUCH cheaper way to whiten your teeth than buying some product.
    (at the 1:43 minute mark)

  3. Zowie says:

    I’ve had my teeth done at a cost of £600 and it was the most agonising thing ive ever had! They clamp ur mouth open n paint the bleach on n put a laser on ur teeth for a certain length of time, i had 3 lots of 30 minute blasts until the desired colour was reached (i was having vaneers fitted aswel though). I would never have it done again. The tiniest bit of air was agonising and it lasted for about 1 week. Everyone is different though, as they say – no pain no gain

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