Question The Progressive Snapshot Device And Miles Driven?

Ok I got insurance from progressive and decided to get snapshot. I normally only drive to work which is 14 miles away but about the time I got the device I had to start therapy so I now have an extra 30 miles to drive for therapy. I have therapy 3 days a week for a month and those days I also work so I went from driving 28 miles on those days( if I don’t at any stores) to over 50 miles
My therapy was delayed for a month as I waited for the insurance company to agree to pay for it and as luck would have it me my treatment started the same day as I got the device. This is going to make my average miles driven over 30 for the first month. For march I have an extra 90 miles a week to drive but starting in April I wont have to drive those miles anymore
how badly is this going to affect my discount.

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