Questions About The Ps3 Super Slim?

I found out today that there is a new PS3 console…the super slim. And I have a couple of questions…
1. I heard you can trade in the PS3 Slim for a super slim at discount price or the whole thing, is that true?
2. If I do trade in the Slim for super slim, how can I keep my saved data?
3. Is it just a tiny version of the PS3 Slim or does it have any improvements?

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One Response to “Questions About The Ps3 Super Slim?”

  1. Carimbo says:

    1-yes you can trade in your ps3 slim.
    2-if you backup you data to a external drive you can transfer them into a new console.
    3-is the same ps3 but on a new case, thats it…
    in my book is not worth it is you already have a ps slim!

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