R = (200 – 3n)(1 + 0.1n) Project ?

R = (200 – 3n)(1 + 0.1n)
Performance Task –
To find your revenue from hot dog sales, you multiply the price of each hot dog sold by the number of hot dogs sold. In the formula above, what does (1+0.1n) represent? What does (200-3n) represent?
How many times would you raise the price by $0.10 to reduce your revenue to zero? Make a graph to help you find your answere.
Decide how high you should raise the price to make the most money. Explain how you got your answer.
Standards for Success –
1. Student will correctly Identify the components of the polynomial.
2. Student will correctly determine the price at which your revenue is zero.
3. Student will correctly graph the price versus revenue.
4. Student will decide on an optimal price for each hotdog and defend their answer.
I really have no idea how to do this, 🙁
Second project : Goal – To determine which of two sales job offers to accept as employment.
Role – You must choose one of two different sales job offers
Audience – You and your family that you are supporting.
Situation – You have been offered two different sales jobs. You can only choose one job offer to accept. The offers are:
Job A – annual salary of $30,000 and 1% of the sales
Job B – annual salary of $24,000 and 2% of the sales
Preformance Task – You must determine the linear equations for each job. Using those equations determine which job will pay the most if you sell $500,000 of merchandise. Determine how much merchandise you must sell to earn the same amount at each job. Graph the equation representing each job. Which job provides the greatest increase in salary as you sell more merchandise. Finally determine which job you will accept and explain why you chose.
Standards for Success –
1. Student will correctly write an equation for each job.
2. Student will correctly calculate the final annual salary for selling $500,000 worth of merchandise.
3. Student will correctly determine how much merchandise must be sold to earn the same amount at each job.
4. Student will correctly graph both equationsand determine which has the greatest increase in salary as sales increase.
5. Student will choose a job and give a thoughtful answer as to their reasons for the choice.
I know that ur supposed to do it urself, but I am limited on time. Cyber school suck
Been working on this for like 5hrs :/

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