OMG Rafa is getting desperate now, surely the fine people of Liverpool can have a whip round for Rafa’s transfer fund


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7 Responses to “RAFA DOWN TO BARGAINS?”

  1. 1878 says:

    more like a whip round in Norway mate, why would Evertonians want to help liverpool….

  2. Mr Wright the Geek in the Pink says:

    Haha sorry but thats quite funny, Shawcross is a decent player but hes not going to help win you the league…

  3. UWS says:

    Oh whatever next, Rafa buying a new goalpost to help Reina?

  4. UC Blues Pirating Again says:

    I think the credit crunch is about to rear a very ugly head for Liverpool

    Not a fan but I do feel sorry for the genuine fans and players

    That is what happens when you let Yanks buy in.

  5. the passenger says:

    oh my god! maybe we’ll have to sign injury prone forwards on a free transfer like some other team did. and how much of that £80m have they spent? hmmm

  6. Ryz says:

    Agger skrtel and carragher are all injured and there isn’t enough time to buy a top class defender, hes just gonna be a sub when everyone is fit again no big deal!

  7. SIR TJM--Double winners 07/08 says:

    Ah it comes as little surprise I think! Rafa is a "genius" though and its not like he’s ever got transfers wrong before….cough…Robbie Keane….cough….Lucas…..cough Bellamy!! lol

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