Random Psn $5 Vouchers?

I just got a $5 voucher supposedly from PSN on my ps3 in a message. I’m thinking it’s legit, because I can view a profile, use the Add A Friend option when I press triangle. Just open the message, look at it’s information (what day it was sent, what time, etc) and click on the voucher. I just need to make sure this is actually from Playstation before trying to use this. Last thing I need is to possibly be hacked or something.

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3 Responses to “Random Psn $5 Vouchers?”

  1. Bone Alone says:

    Enter the code and see if it works. If its a link to a website or asks you to enter your email and password, then it’s a fake.
    I doubt Sony would give anything away for free.

  2. Cherri Bomb says:

    I once got a message from legitimate Sony when I did not use my wallet. They DO not I repeat DO NOT have an add a friend button when the real Sony messaged you.
    Their name is PlayStation and they have a PS logo that verifies that it is them. If you can add them or message them back then they are spam bots or kids be living if they send spams to people they get money

  3. Stefan Edwards says:

    It’s fake, don’t waste your time.

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