Rate, Percentage And Base Problem!?

Margo paid P400 for a blouse. If the blouse was sold at 20% discount, what was its original price? Please show your solution. The answer in the answer key is P500. Please help! Please show also what equation you used and what numbers in the solution is the percentage and rate. Thanks!!!

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2 Responses to “Rate, Percentage And Base Problem!?”

  1. Josephin says:

    20% = 20/100 = 1/5
    So the blouse was sold with a 1/5 off
    P400 is then only 4/5 of original price
    1/5 of original price = P400 /4 = P100
    5/5 would be original price
    P100 x 5 = P500
    The full equation would be
    Let x be original price
    20x/100 = discount
    x – 20x/100 = P400………[.full price – discount = price paid]
    [100x – 20x]/100 = P400
    80x = P400*100
    x = P400* 100/80
    x = P4000/8 = P500

  2. M.j Lim says:

    P400/0.8 = P500

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