Received a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt while travelling in the passenger seat.?

My brother has recently received a ticket/fine for not wearing a seatbelt while travelling in the passenger seat to work. The thing that sounds funny to me is that the police officer said if he waits 3 weeks he will receive a letter through the door with a discount code for the fine so it doesn’t cost as much ??

I’ve asked a few people and they said they’ve never heard of such a thing ?
He’s waited 2 weeks now and i don’t want him to get into trouble because he’s my younger brother ( 17 years old ) and also he has only told me not my mum or dad , so this is kinda up to me to fine out ??

Has everyone had this or heard of it,

Please someone respond quickly


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  1. champer says:

    There is no "discount" for a fixed penalty offered by the police. If he doesn’t pay it in time it WILL cost him more, as he’ll be taken to Court. Simple as that.

  2. wtinc says:

    Not likely to be true the court is the place to get the answer call the court

  3. John says:

    Well, I know that in Michigan and many other states in the U.S. the seatbelt law applies to anyone sitting in the front seat.

    So if I am driving, and my gf isn’t wearing her seatbelt, then I can get a ticket. In the back seat, you don’t have to wear a seatbelt as long as you are over 13 years old or something.

  4. Lesus says:

    You should pay a ticket before the court date.

  5. Christopher says:

    UK answer – as you posted on the UK site.

    No such thing as a discount on a Fixed Penalty Notice. You have 28 days to pay the fine (should be £60) or you will be taken to court. The court may impose a higher fine, and will add costs. It certainly will not cost less if it goes to court. I doubt a policeman said what you have quoted – more likely that your brother misunderstood.

    This is from the AA website:
    If you pay the fine within 28 days then the enforcement authority will take no further action and will not pursue prosecution, but if you don’t agree that you committed the offence then your only option is to request a court hearing.
    Bear in mind, if considering going to court over a Fixed Penalty Notice, that the fines that can be imposed by the courts if you are found guilty are much greater than the original fixed penalty.

    Note – the 50% discount mentioned by ? relates to Parking Enforcement Notices issued by a local authority – not to Fixed Penalty Notices issued by the police for driving offences.

  6. Bony T de B says:

    Maybe someone is codifying the collection of fines ! A parking ticket in UK sez pay within 2 weeks 50% discount it's to dissuade objections , legal , technical or otherwise , or the cost doubles , question of is the glass half empty or half full ! I'm re appealing within the 2 weeks but it's technical so you have to pay attention to detail !
    If you have the money pay up learn the law it protects on the whole ! Exception being licensed booze drugs tobacco , no use as entertainment !

  7. Kris says:

    Check your state laws.In our state,everyone in a moving vehicle MUST be seat belted.

  8. Mercury says:

    Your brother got it wrong if he does not pay the fine in time he will be in
    more trouble

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