Recording Xbox 360 Game Play The Cheap Way?

i want to record xbox 360 gameplay but i have a very small budget to do this – around £25, am i right in that i could use a usb capture card… instead of an internal one in my pc, and that i can follow these steps here… also as it says, i need some recording software, is there any free software or very cheap software out there. i’m not worried about hd, i just want an ok frame rate and sound and generally something ok enough to put on youtube without people getting pissed off with it. also i have one of the origional xbox 360s, not sure if this effects things? if there are any other cheap easy enough methods that would be great

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5 Responses to “Recording Xbox 360 Game Play The Cheap Way?”

  1. Anthony says:


  2. Livingth says:

    You can’t record gameplay with that capture card.

  3. Jordan says:

    You cannot record any sort of gameplay through that specific capture card, do some research maybe talk to some people and get a appropriate capture card

  4. JIMMY !! says:

    Get cracked versions of Sony Vegas 😛

  5. Dakota says:

    there isnt really a cheap way to record your gameplay because i got a HD PVR2 for christmas this year and it was about 150 bucks but if you are willing to pay that then i would go with that and you also need an hdmi compatible TV and a laptop or computer to hook up the PVR up to good luck hope this helps

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