Red Hair Help, Pleaseee? 10 Points :)?

Okay so my hair now is an alright shade of red but it’s not bright enough 😛 sooo, could I use one tube of loreal majicontrast with 75ml of 30 volume creme developer to get super bright hair? Leaving it for about 30 mins? My hair’s already kind of damaged cause I can never keep the same hair colour for long but I’ll just snip the ends off after I’ve dyed it 🙂 Also if I used the directions tubs in pillarbox red will this keep my colour bright after it’s started fading? Thanks for any answers 🙂
This’s what I plan to use ——……

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One Response to “Red Hair Help, Pleaseee? 10 Points :)?”

  1. Nishat says:

    use shampoo & conditioner.use what you have used before,only change your color.

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