Refinance Question! Please Advise?

So,I wanted to refinance. My mortgage company called and said that I was eligible for an in house financing program. That i would get an interest rate of 4.125%. I still owe 111,000 on my home and I have 24 years left. I currently have a interest rate of 6.875% and I have a payment of $1149.00 per month. With the new rate and extending the loan back out into 30 years I was told my payment wold be $916.00 monthly an that the closing costs of about 3,500 would be rolled into the loan. I agreed to proceed. However, whenever I got the paperwork in the mail today to sign and send back, it says that my payment is 922 and that I am adding another 450 into the loan to buy a discount point. The loan officer said that the rates had gone up since we talked three days ago an started talking and before we processed the loan. He said that in order to get me the interest rate I wanted still, he had to raise my payment and add the discount point into my loan. I am kind of upset because I feel like I was lied to and now I am paying more to get what I was promised up front. Am I reading into this right?

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