Refusal To Sell 3 Pain Meds And A Heartburn Med Together?

I was refused the sale of 3 pain killing products for 99p (Aspirin, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen) and a pack of 3 Settlers (sucky) heartburn tablets. The silly till assistant was convinced that she would go to prison if she sold me these as she could only sell me 4 items from meds (which I had) ? and the manager totaly embarrassed her in front of me by saying that she could (by law, not company policy) sell me only 3 items total from meds. This was not a misunderstanding, this was a humiliating experience as I’d bought the same meds on at least 5 occasions from your Great Yarmouth, Market Gates, store. No criminal laws had been, nor were attempted to be broken by trying to buy these items from you, so why was I intimidated, lied to, and humiliated by your staff ? If this problem exists only by ‘COMPANY POLICY’, then why is there not signage explaining your rules ? Why, did your till assistant think sh’ed go to prison, why did your manager humiliate us both by claiming that the law states the buying or selling of the amount of meds I needed was illegal ? There were no crossed wires, no misunderstandings ( even though he couldn’t understand why I told him to put the painkillers back), and yes I used the words ‘silly ****’ and ‘bloody fool’ because there was not a law against it. I am extremely angry at the treatment I was made to suffer in public thanks to your badly trained staff, and I refuse to use any of your stores again. If you value your customers 99p’s, then train your management to the standards required by British law, Trading Standards and other legal organisations.

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One Response to “Refusal To Sell 3 Pain Meds And A Heartburn Med Together?”

  1. poggle says:

    Errr, this is not the shop. Go complain to them, ‘kay?

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