Region Questions And Dvd?

This may sound like a stupid question but I was just wondering if it was possible.
The region codes are something that I understand, but I was curious it know if it is possible to order something to get it delivered even if it doesn’t deliver to the region.
Example: a DVD that only delivers to region 3. Can I order it even if I live in region 2?
I’m wanting to order a DVD but unfortunately it only delivers to the Asian countries (Hong Kong, Korea, Thaiwan etc) but I don’t live in any of those countries nor even Australia. Above I stated that I live in region 2 – United Kingdom.
I asked in a question before about download links (and all of them refused to work) for a movie called Smuggler (Sumagurâ: Omae no mirai o hakobe) that was filmed in 2011. I had a look on YESAsia and could only find an English subbed version that delivers to the Asian countries. I had ordered Smuggler a few years ago but found out that the version that got sent to me has no subtitles and I only understand very little Japanese. I even checked Ebay, but the one that I found seems to only deliver to Australia.
I did get round to watching the Japanese version, but now I’m wanting to know what the actors/actresses in the movie were actually saying.
If there isn’t any way that I can order it or download it, is there any sites that I can watch it on without having to;
1. Sign up for anything
2. Download anything
3. Fill in those annoying surveys?
I usually download movies using torrents, mediafire or 4shared (sometimes even YouTube if I find the full film) but the answers that I got got me nowhere. doesn’t seem to work with my laptop and all of the other links just stuck the middle finger up at me. I was hoping to download the movie onto my iPod to watch it or heck to even watch it on TV, but so far it’s not going well.
Region guide:

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