Relationship Issues. Pregnant Wife Is Beyond The Cliche Moody Woman. She Is A Bad Person.?

What the hell do I do. Crazy pregnant wife is not normal. She has actually been this way before she was pregnant. I was driving to my mothers to go to an engagement dinner w family friends. On the way down to pick up my mom she screams at me for driving 80 on the high way and demands I pull over to let her drive (she thinks she is the worlds greatest driver). I tell her to relax and slowed it down to 65 the rest of the way there. After the silent treatment the rest of the way down she gets out of the car and starts walking away from my moms down the street. I, knowing she was pissy about not letting her drive, ran after her to get her to stop. Eing so dramatic. We were already late to the dinner to begin with be she is late for everything. She wouldn’t stop n told me to get away from her. It was ridiculous… Middle of winter and she’s doing this while mum mom is waiting for us at the house… Very disrespectful. I followed her for a mile trying to get her to come back and the whole time she is saying things like I’m a killer bc I’m trying to kill her and our unborn 6month old baby. My mind is blown… Oscar pis tortious is a killer. I just drove too fast for her liking for part of the drive down and didn’t pull over to let her drive. She was going on even saying I never slowed down and drove fast n the furious sale on the roads. My mind is blown bc I was NOT driving erratically. I think it was mostly the anger for not pulling over. (It was my car after all). So she walks into a hospital bc it was cold and near by and asks the guy at the desk to call her a cab… He asks “are u ok, then looks at me and asks are u with her.” I said yes… Before I could say anything else she said “that’s my husband and he’s trying to kill me and my baby.” He was ready to call the cops on me like I was beating her. I was like whoa whoa whoa. We’re just having an argument cuz she didn’t like my driving. Seriously. Why would she ever say that. He then shows her where the bathroom is, but obviously to get her alone and ask if I was abusing her or something. So she comes back n sits down in the waiting room and the cab comes n takes her to the train station for her parents to pick her up n take her home. The whole time I am in disbelief that she is this mad and making a scene like this. I’m getting watched by hospital personnel like I’m a convict. I felt completely betrayed. So I call my mom to apologize and tell her I’m walking back to take her to the dinner… Didn’t realize what time it was.., she already called a cab to take her to the dinner. I was so upset I drove home, made a bed on the couch to go to sleep. Eventually she gets home, turns on all the lights where I was sleeping and goes to the bedroom. It was childish of her… So then next thing I did was stupid. I go in to the room and tell her not to turn on lights where I’m sleeping, she slammed the door in my face and I lost it and punched a couple holes in the door. She starts w the “you’re abusive and I don’t feel safe” and runs out dramatically.
I know… I should have driven slower at first, but my god. All this bc of that. Here’s some more background on her. She consistently has started a fight before many plans of mine. Right before my sisters college graduation, right before a family vacation w my fam, rig before a giants football game we missed cuz of the fight. I know it takes two ppl to fight… But it’s ALWAYS before something w my family. Never happens when we have plans to do something w her fam.
I’m afraid she will try to use this last incident to make me out to be this abusive person and take my unborn child away from me. I don’t deserve this, my fam hates her cuz they know she is manipulative and immature. She also cheated on me last summer and I gave her another chance to see if I still can love her after. Next thing u know she is pregnant so I clearly am in a tough situation with a girl that’s not right. Out marriage counselor. Who is also a psychologist did tell me she seems to have a narcissistic personality. So wtf do I do now that she has ammo on me w the door punching. (First time I ever lost it like that). And can manipulate the situation like I drove irrationally fast n the furious style which was a complete lie.

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