Religion V Evolution……..?

I know this is a touchy subject in this section but I’m not sure why. Why do people refute evolution so much? I understand it isn’t mentioned in the bible, the Qur’an or any religious text because obviously the human beings who wrote the books didn’t have the knowledge we have today. The evidence is overwhelming in favour of evolution. Short of mathematics, nothing is regarded as fact in science, but the principle of evolution is as factual as the earth orbiting the sun.
People pick up on gaps in evolution & try to use these gaps to refute the whole principle. Like all science, it can almost be thought of as a huge jigsaw puzzle, we have filled so much of the puzzle & our current knowledge is so deep it is as good as fact. We don’t claim to have filled all of the gaps, and probably never will, but just because we don’t know everything doesn’t mean we should discount the vast amounts we do know.
Evolution happened like it or not, even most religions accept it because the evidence is so overwhelming. So why do people not accept it? Is the simple thought of sharing a common ancestor with other primates? Or in fact a common ancestor with every living creature depending how far back you look? Referring to the bible etc would be an unusual answer because Christianity accepts evolution.
Just curious

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9 Responses to “Religion V Evolution……..?”

  1. ωнαттυρ says:

    Genesis describes Creation which goes against the satanic theory of evolution.

  2. Schmooli says:

    God created evolution as sure as he created DNA. It is easy to see how DNA works and it works the way God intended, through evolution and spontaneous mutations which adapt organisms to survive changes in habitat. I think God is excellent at manipulating habitats and making it look like an accident.

  3. john wondering says:

    Fiction v Fact!

  4. Wayne T says:

    Because it’s illogical. Why would an organism with no type of brain or nerve cells evolve into one with consciousness? What could cause that?
    Evolution to some extent does happen, but changes in the size or hardness of a bird’s beak do not prove that the bird evolved from something without a beak.

  5. QUEST? says:

    religion is a power trip for the leaders , evolution correctly understood eliminates the main basis of religion.

  6. Lighting the Way to Reality says:

    The primary reason is that most creationists know very little about evolution and the evidence for it, and they mindlessly believe what they find in lying creationist web sites and books. And no doubt some of the responses you receive will just parrot those lies.

  7. Stephen C says:

    Most of the Bible literalists believe the earth is only 6000 years old. That being true, Sumerians were brewing beer 5000 years before Adam and Eve. These people are just completely out of touch with reality and have chosen to use the bible, not as a roadmap, but as a roadblock.

  8. DestinyM says:

    They cant except it, It would prove the bible is fiction, Genesis clearly describes how man and women were created by “god” , evolution would destroy that belief. Religion is for people who fear the unknown.

  9. טוֹב says:

    There is enough confusion about the origin of ”humanity” as is,adding to the confusion more theoretical conclusions doesn’t eradicated the enormous confusion.The idea that ”Men” mutated from ”monkeys” is absurd.

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