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Ok, so i am turning *not saying but its ‘official teenager’ year* in early february of 2013 and i need help planning! My parents are really busy soon so we need to plan it now!
There would be around 5 guests. (co-ed)
Heres what we are planning on doing
Everyone comes to my house at 9:00am. We have snacks, hang out and get ready then hop in the trucks at about 9:30am. Then we drive to mount seymour and arrive at around 12:00pm. (stopping at tim Hortons on the way there). We get ready and then go tubing and sledding until around 2 or 3… depending on how wet and cold it is (we will have lots of snacks and hot chocolate!). Once we are finished, we will dry off, warm up and change in the ski lodge. Then hop back into the trucks and drive to a hotel, get dresses, then we would have dinner at a nice restaurant in the hotel. After dinner we would go back to the room (penthouse suite, separate bedrooms for boys and girls) and hang out, eat candy/desserts and play games. Afterwards, we would change into our swimsuits and cover ups. The pool room at the hotel is pretty freaking awesome! There is a waterside, big pool and a huge jacuzzi tub… we would be renting out the whole room/surrounding areas for 3 hours starting at 8:00pm. At 8, all the rest of my school friends would show up and we would have a whole pool party (the pool is rainforest/ tropical themed) with water guns, water balloons, games and tons of music! Instead of cake we would eat tons of ice cream and have cupcakes! When everybody had gone home, me and all of my snow tubing friends would go up to our room and watch our favourite adventure time episodes, hang out, and use the chocolate fountain. Then the boys and girls would split up and go to bed.
In the morning we would eat a huge english breakfast with a smoothie bar.
The goodie bag for my close friends is a sled and for the pool party friends, a water pistol and a candy bag bar
Does that seem like a good idea? (if not, what should we do for a party?)
A similar party idea?
How should we decorate?
Would you go if you were 13?
And any other tips/ideas would be appreciated!
Thanks 🙂
2 hours ago

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3 Responses to “Repost: I Need Your Help!!! 10 Points!?”

  1. sakurabi says:

    nobody gives a **** that is why they are not answering

  2. Vanilla_ says:

    You sound rich. On my 13th bday I had over two friends for my first ever sleepover and I got an iPod touch. Thats too/to much. Do that for your sweet sixteen and have a simple party for your 13th bday. If I knew you I probably would not come because I am not social and you sound like one of the preppy rich kids and those kids are typically jerks and laugh at everyone for not being perfect.

  3. Beth says:

    Omg!! That sounds so perfect 🙂 I totally would do that idea if we could afford it :/ ( and lived there!!) it sounds like the most perfect birthday ever like movie party 🙂 best of wishes and luck. Have a very happy perfect birthday!!! Also can I come ???(:

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