Representations of Marks and Spencers Women…..?

Why were Twiggy, Erin O’Connor, Laura Bailey, Myleene Klass and Elizabeth Jagger used? What’s there star appeal? What achievements have they had that make them the perfect candidates for the marks and spencers ad campaigns???

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One Response to “Representations of Marks and Spencers Women…..?”

  1. Antonio A says:

    Do you want the theoretical answer or a practical one? In theory, they have done absolutely nothing to deserve their celebrity status. In practice, we live in a cruel mad world that is irrational, and as such these chicks are exploiting their parents’ status to get cash in the bank and make a living, easy living I’d say. They have a huge competitive advantage over us mortals because their parents have done that before and can benefit from a huge marketing machine behind them, contacts, etc..

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