Resistance Needed For Led?

learning electronics and at the basics. Got a breadboard and these LEDs:…
I was basically wondering what size resistance I need for them. I know there diodes and work in forward bias only.
So what resistor is needed to connect to the Power supply

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One Response to “Resistance Needed For Led?”

  1. Madiha says:

    Not each led uses the same voltage. An infrared LED need at least 1.5 Volts. A Red LED needs 1.8 volts to produce light (That is the reason why a 1.5V battery can’t make a LED work). Some green LEDs need 2.5 volts. A blue or white led can require up to 3.2 Volts.
    A LED allows the voltage to flow to one direction only. As you can read in the definition, it is a DIODE, not a resistor, so it need an additional resistor to create a circuit. You can calculate the value of the resistor using the OHMS LAW (V=I*R).
    Supply voltage = The voltage in the circuit. LED Voltage = Voltage required by the LED. Current = Current required by the LED to produce light.
    You can get these two last values in the data sheet of the LED.

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