retail store sales how to improve them?

I have just secured my first manager job any experienced managers out there that can give me a few tips for boosting sales and getting the best from my staff i would really appreciate it

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  1. ron853211 says:

    Sales generally result from advertising, and the "work" staff does generally comes from how they "like" their manager. That doesn’t mean they have to be your friend, but you must be seen as fair and honest, and a direct example.


  2. crys says:

    One way to boost sales is by creating an environment that brings in the crowd you are trying to attract. For example, if you are selling juniors clothes play current music and bright store fronts to draw them in. If you want to get the most from your sales people treat them good and ask for their opinions and ideas, even if you don’t us them, it helps make them feel involved with what is going on and that boosts morale. I also like to do things for my employees when they lease expect it like bring in muffins on a random day to let them know I appreciate them. Another thing you can do is help them to sell in a way that fits their personality not just one way that is almost scripted that way they feel more comfortable and in turn make more sales.

  3. Vivek says:

    Iam not a manager..
    But i would like to suggest a basic technique of marketing in the retail sector..
    Firstly conduct a market consumer survey in the area where your store is located about the ways to improve the quality and standards of the store,and enquire whether the price is competitive..and also introducing new offers(Buy 1 get 1 free).Compare the prices and Quality of the products of your competitors and that of yours..And regarding your support staff, improve the working conditions with better pay packages..

  4. Gudsud55 says:

    One tip a day,

    Ensure that each of your staff, Greets each Customer visit your store, each time and attend them with a smile.

    They shall keep suggesting, on more article to put in their cart for purchase, seeing the items being picked. In process your store materialize higher sales and customer avoids missing / skipping the article of his interest.

    With all the Best !

  5. DonnaDoop says:

    I am a manger in a clothing store and the easiest way to boost sales is to train your staff to ALWAYS go for an add-on sale, i.e. if someone is buying a skirt, show them the top that matches, then the shoes and maybe some accessories. Depending on your stores refund policy, you could tell the customer that they should take them home and try them on and get family opinion – if they don’t like them they can bring them back (most people don’t bring anything back!). To keep staff sweet, you have to motivate them, give them responsibilies and let them take ownership of a section or duty within the store. If you have to be critical, make it constructive, and never forget that you are their BOSS, not their Friend!!

    Well done for getting the job, and best of luck! 🙂

  6. monkeyundermypillow says:

    You may get all the things you have to do from a head office somewhere so there may not be anything else you can offer in that department. However, you have to get your staff to respect you. Focusing on customer service would be the biggest way. I think that would boost sales! Lead your staff by example and show them how it should be done!

  7. patrick says:

    Congratulations on your promotion.
    Retail sales are dependent on many factors, and since I dont know what your selling, or what type of company it is, I’ll be as general as I can.
    Obviously sales growth depends on traffic. Advertising and ‘sales’ are important. If you work for a large company, you dont handle advertising. But, you need to know what is being advertised, and make sure those items are displayed prominently, and that you have plenty of goods. Your sales staff also needs to know what is being advertised, and where it is. You need to know what the trends of your traffic in your department are, so that your staffing needs are correct. You need a motivated intelligent informed sales staff. Have lots of meetings, and give them handouts of hot items, and explain why customers want what is selling.

  8. edward I says:

    There are four basics in business.

    As a manager you may not be involved in the first two.

    The last two appear to be under your total control.
    If so, bear in mind that, these too, affect the profits of a business.

    I’ll discuss display first.
    It is of the utmost importance that new merchandise is unpacked immediately on receipt. These should then be displayed in the "hot spot" of your store.
    The hot spot can be at the front entrance or at a main aisle, but should grab the attention of customers. Remember that as customers enter a store, they usually look to the right. That could be your "hot spot".
    Be sure to note best sellers and use good data to request reorders.
    If you have windows, it is critical that displays grab attention in 2-3 seconds. That is about the time it takes for a person to pass your store. The same holds true for an aisle inside the store. Be sure displays are eye-catching, neat and clean, current with your best sellers. If you have slow moving merchandise, be certain that it has been well displayed and that sales people have been showing it. If so, remove it from the hot spot if there now.
    Slow movers must be sold by motivating your sales people, bringing me to
    For broken stocks and slow movers, use a spiff, or PM (Promotional Money).
    This means placing a spiff on all sales of slow movers and broken stocks.
    You will find that sales people will often fail to show this merchandise, taking the line of least resistence and show the best sellers, avoiding broken sizes etc.
    Have meetings often to stress this.
    You need to decide some things.

    If very few of an item is left in stock, 2-3-4 or so, you will have better luck having one show this every time the size fits their customer. These can carry a premium spiff of maybe 1$,
    or $2. If more stock is available such as slow movers, you might consider 50 cents spiff, or more when it fails to move or not being shown enough.
    Spiffs are enticing to sales people for extra cash. The most important thing to remember is that taking markdowns of 50 cents, $1-2 is meaningless to a customer. Spiffs are far cheaper than markdowns when you consider it takes 30-50% off to be successful in movement.

    Another way to increase sales, again motivation.
    With several people, plan a contest.
    If you have 5 people, more or less, you can run the contest for 5 weeks, more or less.

    Each week, pair a sales team where one person works with one other. For that week, each of the team gets credit for the total of both their sales.

    The next week, everyone changes partners, with each again getting credit for toal sales.

    In order to pair everyone with another with no one paired twice with the same person, go buy some "Bridge Tallys". These will have partners for the number of sales people you have, hopefully an even number, otherwise one would be alone each week. Then you can plan partners for the contest period each week.

    When the contest ends, the "single person" with the highest total in sales, wins a prize.
    This can be cash, merchandise, paid time off, or whatever, but make it worthwhile.

    You can see that on each team, each person will be pushing the other to perform. You won’t have to.
    Also, the weakest sales person will have the opportunity to team with the highest person for one week.
    Who do you think will push who?

    The worst thing that I have witnessed is critizing one in front of others. This is destructive and should never be done. If necessary, do it in private and never downgrade the person. Be constructive, point out that they should observe those who are most successful and learn their techniques.

    Furthermore, be sure that salespeople keep customer names and contact info. They can call the customer when new goods arrives or you are having a sale. Remember and stress to your people the importance of "Sales Shoppers". Often those people who "Only" buy on sales are just as important as your everyday customer. They are not scavengers or some other insulting name. They help you move short stocks and unwanted/unseasonal merchandise.

    Teach them to remember names.
    MR. or MRS. and MISS or MS

    I hope you are able to initiate some of this. It has always been successful when I worked on commission and went into management.

  9. suzi q says:

    At a lot of places, I can sense when there is a team atmosphere. Be willing to do what you ask the "peons" to do. Be knowledgeable about their duties. Hopefully you’ll be trained on the mundane stuff and then the administrative stuff. Don’t let them start feeling isolated or that you won’t step in if they get stuck on a task. Be firm and fair, not a buddy.

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