Retaining a no claims discount period through a period of not driving / being insured?

How long does a no claims discount remain valid through a period of not driving / not being insured?
I gather that after a certain period of not being insured, you loose it, then have to re-start when you start driving again.

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6 Responses to “Retaining a no claims discount period through a period of not driving / being insured?”

  1. Dave Saunders says:

    Your policies rates are set for the length of your policy. If you are on a 6 month policy you will keep getting your discount until the policy expires. There are some discounts that can come off during the policy term ie… multi-vehicle or multi-policy. But if your not insured you actually have bigger problems. Most insurance companies care more about having continuous coverage. With most car insurance companies if you don’t have 2 years continuous coverage you are going to pay much more for your insurance

  2. S ,FREY. says:

    2 years without any insurance policy & you loose all your no claims bonus it happened to me ……………..

  3. neverwinter says:

    The no claims will vanish after two years – this has happened to me after being in and out of the country for a while. One possibility is to be a named driver on someone’s car, as some companies will give ‘named driver no claims’ – as long as you don’t have an accident of course.

  4. Fred Smith says:

    That has been answered, but to avoid the loss, why not insure a cheapo car for the period, lets face it, you wont be claiming on it, will you?

  5. Timbo is here says:

    Up to the new insurer when you start again, most are 2 years but some are much shorter – there is no one answer as there is no regulations in the NCB system.

  6. PDEms49 says:

    The UK company I work for holds it for 3 years after the expiry of the policy, and will also accept proof from other insurers that are up to three years out of date provided that they are accompanied by a signed declaration that you have not held insurance or driven since.

    There have been occasions where people have approached us after the three years is up, and if it is still on our computer system, we will allow it as a goodwill gesture. Insurers want the business and will allow a bit of leeway in these cases.

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