Retraining Driving Horse?

I saw this horse for sale, and thought it wold be cool to buy/resell him to make money while my gelding needs 3 months off due to physical issues.
He’s a white Dutch warmblood, and 17’2. 6years old really outstanding conformation. Been show driving (?) in a team but never had a person on his back. I met him while visiting the farm and he is a complete catch and show stopper. I believe he is 7,500$. He’s never had a person on his back.
Obviously I would also get help from a trainer, and I ride many green horses and handle foals.
What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Retraining Driving Horse?”

  1. Carrie says:

    Well, I’m always up for a challenge. I say go for it.
    If he responds well to driving cues, then riding shouldn’t be a huge transition. After all, the only thing training really does is get your horse to respect you and not to fear random things. That is all training is. Driving horses tend to be a little less fearful because of all the equipment and the daily surroundings.
    It’s actually quite simple to ride a horse who has never been ridden, because, from my experience, if the horse respects and trusts you, all problems disappear.
    I think “yes.” I would do it, totally. :):) Best of luck to you!

  2. <(O.o)> says:

    don’t expect to make money.
    you will be paying a trainer + board + whatever other costs (saddle, tack, etc)
    vs how much you’ll make?
    he’ll be green broke. that’s not worth as much as a totally broke horse.
    you’ll be lucky to break even
    how you can make any money is if you had your own barn, you were your own trainer and you had good connections to get him sold quickly (a good reputation, etc for training)
    otherwise, you might think of this as just something fun to do, but as a moneymaker? doubtful.

  3. zakiit says:

    It is still doable. You can introduce tack, lead him around and lunge him in it. At least because he has been driven he will respond well to voice cues. As with all new things you will find that you have steps forward and steps back, but with patience and as you say, the help of a trainer, it should not be too hard.

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