Reusing Materials for Construction Is Important

Only about 25% of the materials currently being used come from recycled aggregates. It is time to get this number much higher by sharing information. As businesses and consumers become more informed, they can make better choices. Few realise they even have this option unless their contractor shares the information with them.

Save Money

In addition to environmental benefits, you save money when a project is completed with recycled aggregates. This can help you to get the entire job done for less money than you had thought. It can help you to budget for it with ease rather than being stressed about it. The saves do add up and that can be an incentive for you to go this route.

In addition to being used for roads and parking lots, the reused materials can be used to help with creating the base for the foundation of buildings or to help with filling up various types of trenches. The most common types are those used for utilities. Such materials are often used to refurbish the shoulders of roadways.

Overall Value

Some worry though that by saving money with recycled aggregates they may be getting a reduced value. That isn’t true at all. The overall value will be every bit as good as construction that is completed with new materials. There is no cutting corners here, so you get the overall value but with less cost and less environmental damage.

The process of creating recycled aggregates involves taking the older materials and crushing them. Most of it is used to create road base but that isn’t all it is used for. There are several layers involved with most construction jobs. It can be economical to reuse such materials for all or many of those layers of a given project.

This is why many government programs are now funding their projects with reused materials. They find it to be a way to stretch the money they for various projects further. They also want to set a good example for others to follow with finding ways to improve construction methods while helping the environment.


Once the materials are crushed, they are going to go through a processor that creates chunks of recycled aggregates. Other forms of equipment are then used to break those larger pieces into smaller ones. Screens are used to send the materials through and separate it by type and by size. Magnets are used to remove rebar and other materials that may have gotten mixed up with it.

Such materials aren’t going to be used for new construction. Removing them ensures the overall quality of the materials. It also helps to preserve the integrity of the entire process. The equipment for the process can be expensive. However, many construction companies will buy it from a company that does the work for them.

They don’t have to process the materials; they just let the company know what they would like to buy that has been recycled. It is required for a construction company to let their customers know when recycled materials like this are used on the project. If the customer doesn’t agree to it, they can’t be used. Then only new materials can be used to complete that particular project.

Source by Stuart Gready

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