Rhh:how Are These Lyrics?

can’t get this right,what am I supposed to right
Should i write em wrongs down,within this light
see no evil but sew thee viles(devil)doing,
Guess the class I was taught didn’t involve schooling
Tryna configure what bout to brew
More bad news,feel like a blood blocked in by these blues
I live this life at a steady pace and try serve elegance
But how a ***** keep he’s persistence,
When the 9 pointed at him from a distance
Can’t get this,if eff killed a sinner is this righteous?
Twisted,but still a ***** can’t grasp the dilemma
What’s the outcome of the issue,like a xxl sales figure
Seems like out is in though,kinda makes it clearer
Push through these surroundings alone
Cause a ***** faith is to die on his own

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2 Responses to “Rhh:how Are These Lyrics?”

  1. Nora says:

    I can’t answer

  2. Adam says:

    hard. are you aware theres a new Kendrick lamar mixtape on datpiff rite now and theres new joey bada$$ coming soon they jus played his new shiiiit lifted on shade 45
    and check out these guys u probally dnt know sav killz and oun-p
    theres a new biggie mixtape too

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