Rotary Watches – The Official Watch of World War II

Rotary watches have a long history in creating beautiful watches with quartz or automatic movement, that delivers precision movement coupled with delightful looking cases and straps. They are one of the most popular and sought-after watches that are sold in the UK.

Rotary watches have long-since been a favourite with many timepiece buyers and it’s mainly due to the way in which the watches are made that brought a great reputation that has continued from way back in 1895 when the company was first launched. Rotary watches were first developed by Moise Dreyfus, whose grandson still runs the company today and continues to bring out stunning timepieces that are both collector’s items as well as daily watches.

The British Army took to Rotary watches with gutso as the military men choose to wear the watches as they were easy to read, looked great and were very durable. The watches were the official watch of World War II and continue to be a household name some 80 years later. The brands popularity with people in Britain, meant that the headquarters were shifted from Switzerland to the UK and it’s been here ever since. While there are some replicas of Rotary watches, none state that they were hand-built in Switzerland, so that is a mark of what is real or not. As a result of the many copies, the prices of real Rotary watches has increased as there is certainly demand there, but as ever with any timepiece purchase it’s an investment with both heart and head and in many cases, the price is secondary to the look.

Rotary watches are fairly unique in the way look and work. They aren’t just practical and versatile, but they look fantastic and can be worn for sporting events, formal gatherings and casual wear. They are available in both men’s and women’s versions and they are popular for couples to buy his and hers watches for anniversary gifts. With automatic or quartz movement, you can be guaranteed of the precision and accuracy of the time and all of the watches are dolphin standard, which means they are waterproof so you needn’t worry about getting your Rotary watch wet.

Many Rotary watches are available with leather straps for that traditional look, or a more modern metal bracelet and clasp. The latter is very special indeed as it is both beautiful to look at but very hard-wearing too. You will notice that the prices of Rotary watches are very affordable compared to some big name watchmakers, but that is simply due to the fact the company embraces each customer rather than excludes them in chasing down exclusivity.

If you are looking for a watch with a little history behind it rather than just buying into the latest designer or fashion fad…maybe this could be the brand for you?

Source by Martyn Bramley

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