Round Out Your Home Decor With a Round Rug

Area rugs usually show up in people homes in a rectangular shape. Rectangles are great-they fit perfectly underneath a new coffee table or a contemporary dining table. Rectangles, when they are elongated and cut in half, are also great in hallways or on staircases as rug runners. But what if you own a round dining table? What if you have a big stain in the middle of the room that could only be properly hidden with a round rug? Round rugs are an easy and decidedly more diverse way to round out your home décor.

Round rugs come in the basic circle, but vary far differently from the traditional rectangular shape. Medallions, crescent-shaped, and other unconventional shapes are popping up everywhere on the rug market, as more people want to see how these shapes can play up their existing décor. Perfect for odd places, kids rooms, or just to have something new and distinctive in the home, these circular shaped rugs won’t disappoint.

Medallion rugs are round and usually found in the front entranceway. These area rugs are most seen in traditional rugs, like Persian rugs or Oriental rugs. Many feature scalloped edging, which also works well in the middle of the living room as a more creative way to unify the room’s decorative accents. Placing a round rug like a medallion directly underneath a coffee table works best, while placing it under a couch or sofa will take away from its unique shape. With a console table nearby in a hallway, a medallion rug can pick up the accents from the furniture and welcome yourself, your family and your guests into the home in style.

Crescent-shaped rugs, or half-moon rugs, are another alternative to the ho-hum rectangular area rug. These half rugs don’t take up much space, as they have been cut in half. Designed to be up against a wall, crescent-shaped rugs are ideal in kitchens, doorways, bathrooms, and other nooks where you want to add color and softness in a small space. Other quirky rug shapes include flowers, animals, and other nature-inspired themes. A flower shaped rug is great in a kid’s bedroom, as are animal shaped rugs. If it’s approved for outdoor use, a flower shaped rug is also a fun way to add some character to the patio or porch.

Source by Nadia Osman

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