Roxio Game Cap Or Roxio Game Cap Pro?

Right now I have around 87 dollars and I can get Roxio Game Cap (Im a discounted member so I get for 70).
Price: Roxio=70
Component Cables= 7
Advantages: I can start recording XBOX and PS3 vids instead of being a PC Commentator off the start.
Disadvantages: I won’t have much spending money left. I won’t have spending money until around July (when I get paid)
Roxio Game Cap Pro:
Price: 118 (free 2-day shipping)
Component Cables: 7 bucks
Tax: Around 10 bucks
Advantages: I will be able to record while using my voice and it has more sound effects and higher performance. I will have spending money now and afterwards.
Disadvantages: I will have to wait until July to get the money for it.

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One Response to “Roxio Game Cap Or Roxio Game Cap Pro?”

  1. Nomi says:

    i would say get Roxio Game cap Pro.
    first of all it’s better then the other one.
    only disadvantage for bying it you have to wait until July. Then wait for it atleast you will get the right thing. only 1 month left to july 🙂
    if i were you i would wait for july to get this capture card.

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