Roxy's horn-necklace?

I absolutely love Roxy from Eastenders’ horn-style sparkly necklace. Does anyone know where abouts I might be able to buy one before Friday! I have a budget.

Typical thing is, is that they were in all the shops before she started wearing it and now I cant find one anywhere!

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4 Responses to “Roxy's horn-necklace?”

  1. goochy says:

    try they delever the next day sometimes and i love parishiltons clothes that she wears and sell clothes that famous people wear and they have pictures of the famous person wearing them as well lol

    try the clearance section because they have loads of the stuff that yuu want

    hope yuu get what yuu want in time xxx

  2. I♥JoeJonas says:

  3. lex says:

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