Rspca Are Useless! – Need Advice!?

phoned up the RSPCA about an abandoned cat a few weeks ago, i knew 100% that he had been abandoned as his owner was evicted as she was causing A LOT of trouble around the estate.
They said there’s not a lot they can do as he is a healthy cat (maybe a little under weight) and told me the best i can do is just keep feeding him for now, so i have been. i phoned up this afternoon cause i’ve noticed that he seems in severe pain with his back just to see if they can give me some vouchers for the vets to get him seen to, but they basically told me that because i’ve been feeding him, (even though they told me to) his welfare is MY responsibility now and they wont give me ANY sort of support to get him seen to.
Can anybody please give me some advice as i haven’t really got the money to get him seen to. And i would love to keep keep him but we cant because we have 3 female cats who absolutely HATE him..

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4 Responses to “Rspca Are Useless! – Need Advice!?”

  1. Ocimom says:

    Instead of calling them, just take the cat to them and surrender the cat as a stray – you don’t have to explain what you’ve been doing up to his point – its NOT your cat.

  2. David says:

    PDSA or local Cat Protection, Your local newspaper will have details of how to contact your nearest branch and may even use your story.

  3. poodle power says:

    Doesn’t surprise me RSPCA have two faces the one they show the press and the one when people ring for help. You are best to local animal rescue to see if they can help. Have you got a Blue Cross or Cats protection league near you or of you live in London Battersea dogs and cats home maybe able to help. You could take her in as a stray and there she can get the medical care she needs and a safe place with food and water till she finds a new home.

  4. Courtney says:

    Unfortunately most of the time the SPCA doesn’t do much, we live in Maryland and my moms kitten got really sick, she wanted some help to get him seen as she has MS and not much income and they told us they would not help. Have you tried a care credit? its payment you can make on vet bills ect. But being hes not really your cat that might not be a good option. Do your other cats see a vet? Maybe they could work out a payment plan if you pay their vet bills on time. Where i live we have a low cost vet(mostly spay and neutered) but i emailed them about my moms cat and asked if they would help and they seen him for about half the cost of the regular vet(if not less). Maybe see if you could find some type of thing like that. The only other option i really see if signing him over the the SPCA, they can not refuse any pet so they will have to take him. Might be a asshole to you but the important thing is he will get care. Good luck, i hope all works out. Im glad you did feed him so he had a chance. Poor guy.
    Maybe you can look around for someone to take him, just be honest about him. Also make sure they will take him to the vet, go with them if you have to. Some times people will surprise you. Newpapers are good to find someone, also craigslist. Craigslist you just have to be really carefull about who you give him to. Again good luck.

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