Rug Decorating Tips

A decorative area rug is a great addition to any home. It pulls all of the design elements of the room in your home together and can enliven any bare space.

Here are some hints to help you pick the right rugs for your home.

Whenever you are placing a room-sized rug on hardwood floors, you should choose a rug that allows eight inches of wood exposed around the rugs area. For your dining room, make sure that you measure your table's top. Next, add four feet to the length and width to find the right size of your dining room's decorative rug. This will facilitate the extra room for pulling out chairs from underneath the table.

You can brighten up a small area such as your kitchen, bathroom, or foyer with an accent rug. Use a rug pad underneath all rugs and will help keep your rug in place. Rugs wear from the bottom, not the top. This will help prevent slippage when standing on the rug as well. Using a rug bad will help keep your rug in great condition and allow it to last for many more years than expected.

Whenever you put a pattern into a room, it adds, texture and color to your room without being overwhelming. Patterns tend to have a chameleon effect, meaning they blend with other colors in the room. This allows it to be easy to decorate from the floor to the ceiling. You can match your pattern rug to the existing wall colors and upholstery. Floral patterns provide a pleasant contrast with various geometric designs while busy intricate patterns also pair lovely with less complicated designs.

If you have decided to start your project from scratch make sure that you set the tone and the design of your room by selecting the patterned rug that you want to use. Next, find complimenting upholsteries along with wall colors. Remember often times opposites attract. If you are redecorating your room or your own home, try to take a sample of your upholstery to the carpet store. Use color as your consideration and match it to the samples of the patterned rugs.

Whenever you are decorating your area with a rug you want to: imagine what the total look of the area is going to be before you attempt to create it, keep in mind what this area is going to be used for, remember that areas with a Higher amount of traffic are going to need to have a pattern in darker shades to down play any traffic scuffs and stains, a sitting area can have a more dainty fragile pattern in a lighter color, a light colored rug will make your room look larger than What it is, a darker colored rug will make your room look smaller and cozier, the color, texture, and style will set the personality of the room, and last but not least if you want to play down the floor that already exists, than Use a larger rug with a pattern and if you want to show off the floor that is already down, then get a smaller rug in a solid color.

Source by Fran Sloan

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