Rug Pads – The Best Non Slip Rug Pads

I am always looking at the effects of non slip rug pads on floors and rugs. A common issue among a certain quality of non slip rug pads is that the pad marks the floor with the actual design of the pad. This happens for a good reason, the reason being that this rug pad actually contains a spray, and is not real rubber or an organic material.

Although many non slip rug pads resemble each other, there are differences. By the way, this type of pad is also referred to as non skid, hold tight and grip it, just to name a few. Okay, the best non slip rug pad is either made with a natural rubber layer or is an organic polymer. These two types of carpet pad will not harm your floor and will last as long as they should. Real rubber is generally not harmful to wood and hardwood floors. If any marking does occur, it is usually due to the finish of the floor and not the fact that the rubber pad is defective.

Now about those other pads that look like quality pads but are truly just a temporary band-aid. These pads are either a plastic or nylon material that are sprayed with some sort of chemical to give them a non slip function. The main problem here is that in time, this spray wears off of the material and transfers to your floor. This is why we tend to see floors marked with some pads. Besides the fact that they mark the floor, they also loose their non slip function after a while.

My first choice in the best non slip rug pad is one that is a combination of jute and real rubber, not a spray. This pad is about 1/4 of an inch thick and the jute surface is needle punched recycled jute. Attached to this surface is the bottom layer of rubber, which in a quality pad is sewn on. Be careful of those where the latex rubber is sprayed on, as is very common these days to cut down on costs. This type of product will break down and mark your floors eventually, costing you far more than the savings in buying the pad in the first place. Choose one in which the jute is recycled and the rubber bottom is actually a layer of rubber. This is extremely important.

If you prefer a thinner pad, then my next safe choice is an organic polymer non slip rug pad. Here, what you see is what you get. There is no spray to cover anything up. This pad is 1/8 of an inch thick and is great at keeping rugs from sliding. Use this where height is an issue, such as in hallways with doors opening up over the rug.

These two best non slip rug pads require very little care. You may pass the vacuum over the jute and rubber one once in a while and you may pull up the organic one and air it outside once a year. Other then this, you can be assured that your rugs, your floors and your family are protected for years to come.

Source by Luis Santamaria

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