Rug Recycling – Ridiculous or Revolutionary?

Here's the claim: "Only shaw recycles post-consumer Type 6 Nylon Carpet & Area Rug fiber into new fiber."

Does this concept appeal to the masses? Yes. Is it realistic? No. Not yet anyway. But it's a start. Taking area rugs that might otherwise cover our landfills and recycling the material into new rugs is a fabulous idea. My only issue is that I do not think people will remember 5 years after they bought the rug to call a local recycling collection company.

After doing some initial research, Shaw tells us they do not have a tag on the rug stating is it part of the program. Most people will not remember the program when it comes time to redecorate their space, especially if the rug is used in a few different spaces before it's life is over.

Maybe proper branding would help kick off the concept, or maybe the post sale is not a huge concern for Shaw. Either way, it seems to be more than other companies are doing. Shaw is an innovator in many areas, and it is no big surprise that they have leaped into the 21st century with the first recycling program for area rugs that we know of. Hopefully phase two will include better merchandising.

Below is a link to the new collections from Shaw that are included in their Recycling program.

Source by Jamie Carney

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