Rugs – How They Measure Up

Rugs are great for any room or area with tile, hardwood or laminate flooring that needs an extra bit of warmth. They also can add an element of style and texture to a room that is carpeted Rugs protect your feet from floors that are too hot, floors that are too cold and provide some traction for your crazy pets who like to tear around the house at top speeds.

To get a “straight from the catalog” look, measure the rug space carefully to ensure you shop for a rug with the perfect dimensions. It is important to purchase rugs with appropriate proportions for the rooms in your house to achieve the look of a well decorated room.

Dining Room: Measure the perimeter of your dining room table and add 54″ to the dimension. Ideally your rug is at least 2 feet away from walls and your rug is big enough for dining room chairs to fit on.

Living Room:The rug in your living room will sit neatly in the center of your main furniture such as couch, chairs and coffee table. The rug is not meant to show out the back of your couch or chairs, but is centralized in the living area. Measure the perimeter of your main furniture (not the entertainment center, which won’t sit under the rug) and subtract 24 inches from the length. If you don’t have a coffee table, take 24 inches of your width as well and you will have the ideal dimensions for a living room rug.

Bedroom Rugs: The best place for a rug in the bedroom is right under the bed. This way when you hop out of bed in the morning your feet don’t immediately hit cold floor. Measure the perimeter of the bed and add 24 inches to each side that isn’t up against a wall.

Runners: Runners are long and narrow rugs that are ideal for front entry ways and hallways. For an entry way runner, measure the width of your door and the length of the entry way. Subtract 12 inches from the length of your entry way and you will have dimension for you runner. For a hallway, measure the length and width of the hallway. Subtract 12 inches from the width and 24 inches from the length for the dimension of the rug.

Kid’s Room Rugs: There are a couple different approaches to rugs in kid’s rooms. The first is putting a rug under the bed; refer to bedroom for rug how to find the best rug dimensions in this case. Another option is to put a rug in a corner which will set it off as the “play zone”. Measure the area that you want to be the “play area,” subtract 6 inches from the width and length so the rug isn’t pushed right up against the wall and you have the perfect play area.

Before you set out shopping, whether in store or online, take accurate measurement of the space you want a rug taking into account for all furniture you currently own or are planning on purchasing for the room in the near future. Shopping online adds the convenience of being able to take note of the dimensions of a rug you are particularly interested in and measure out exactly how it will look before purchasing since you will be shopping at home.

Rugs are a beautiful addition to any home and have many practical uses, just don’t forget that although style the most noticed element, size is important too!

Source by Carly Hilios

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