Rules For Terms And Conditions/ Discliamer?

Can you place a terms and conditions policy and allow someone to agree by an email?
I have a store and I want to promote 10% discount for anyone that likes my Facebook page, with it I want their phone number to send them future promotions, adverts, etc from my store strictly. Here’s how I thought I can do it, I have a website, and I will make a page listing all my terms and conditions for this promotion.
To make people aware I’m going to place a comment on my FB page about the promo, with it a link to the terms and conditions. It’s simple if you email with “I want discount”, name, email phone number then you are eligible for the discount and have agreed to the terms. Also I will do the same with SMS, put the terms & condition link on the SMS.
Is this legal according to Internet laws in the UK / worldwide? or in your country?
Most times when I agree on something I usually hit a button or tick a box, this time they will agree by sending a specific email.

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