Rules on promoting discounts?

If a company is advertising a 50% sale. On the page with its pricing structure should it not show the pre discount prices then have an illustration of how the 50% discount will affect the price
Of course but do they not have to publicise pre discount prices

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2 Responses to “Rules on promoting discounts?”

  1. JZD says:

    Under Trading Standards legislation, any discount must be from a price which was charged for 28 consecutive days in the last 90.
    Unfortunately, this is easily circumvented (and rarely checked).
    Chain stores simply have the item ‘for sale’ at one store for a month at the higher price.
    Normally they say "was £1,000, now only £10!!"
    50% sales are very rarely that, unless it’s end of season clothes or obsolete technology.

  2. Emma T says:

    No, why should it? People should have the basic mathematical ability to work out what a half price sale will do to prices.

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