ryanair vouchers – can you use a voucher for more than one flight?

The smallest denomination is £40 and if it isn’t redeemed in full then the balance is not refundable. Most ryanair flights do not come to £40! Can you book more than one return flight and use one voucher for it?

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One Response to “ryanair vouchers – can you use a voucher for more than one flight?”

  1. wilfred b says:

    yes you can when you have booked d the first flight they will to tell you how much you have left in credit and a reference number when you book the next flighty ou can use the credit to pay or part pay your second flight.
    also even though you have to phone to book you still get the web fare make sure you have the details of the flight you require on the screen when you phone.
    when it states the balance is not refundable it means they wont give it you in cash it as to be used to book flights and this as I have already stated is in the form of credit to your next flight

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