Has anyone been out to tackle the sales yet?? What are you hoping to get for a bargain??

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all. x

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8 Responses to “Sales!!!!!!!!!?”

  1. mickyg says:

    what a rip off them sales are, the week before xmas £200 then on boxing day £150,,, better when they used to be january sales we folks cueing all night eh

  2. Mrs Stig!! says:

    nope will do it when im free!

  3. DVD Derek says:

    Hoping to get out today to pick up some bargains.
    I am a big DVD collector so I will be going around shops like HMV.

  4. mumsrus says:

    yes, i went out boxing day and yesterday and bought some new clothes and spent my xmas vouchers, a much needed refresh to my old clothes

  5. Jif L says:

    When I was out yesterday there was nothing worth buying and yet crowds of people expecting something. I wanted an xbox 360 game, which actually went up in price in all the shops after Christmas. So I went online and bought it at half-price from the SAME retailer offering it at twice the price in their shop. Weird.

  6. Andrew M says:

    Bought myself a 3 in one printer from Tesco’s watched it come down and down b4 xmas and then had it yesterday. Oh much better than my 3 year old one which seemed steam powered. But too many crowds for more shopping

  7. JOHN B says:

    Hi , yep, went to Kingston, camberley, Staines and Slough.
    Gave up, trying to park is you 1st problem then "packing down" in the scrum. Bo****cks i said, and went to sale free zone, my local pub and got bladdered!!!!!!!!

  8. Ali says:

    Took my daughter to her job – Xmas temp at Next. She started at 6.00. I thought I might as well stay and shop but I had to queue for an hour to even get in the shop, then I couldn’t move for the people queueing to pay!!!
    Stayed in the shopping centre till 10.00 when my parking ran out but bought absolutely nothing!
    Went to another centre next day and did a little better!
    It’s madness out there!!

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