Sales and Marketing job? OTE salary?

t is a sales and marketing job, I am working there atm. I have been here for 5 days now, It seems really hard to hit the OTE, I am desparate for money, what if I don’t get any sales at all? Then I won’t get paid right? Should I just quit? Finding a job seems to be really hard right now, so I don’t know :\ I am only 17 and I am from the UK.

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2 Responses to “Sales and Marketing job? OTE salary?”

  1. jackie m says:

    If the job is commission only then you wont get paid but if it is basic plus commission you will get the basic pay but if you don’t get your target it is likely they will fire you after a few weeks – I have been working in sales & marketing for over 20 years and no one is reaching their targets at the moment as customers don’t have the money to buy but sales can be a brain destroying job and you have to accept the bad to appreciate the good but build up your customers profile for future use and when you call them back in later weeks don’t ask them if they want ???? tell them you were asked to call back as it was something they were thinking about, Good Luck

  2. Lacey says:

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