Sales and Marketing Plan?

Is a ‘sales and marketing plan ‘the same as just a ‘marketing plan’
Can anyone refer me to sites where i can find some good ones.Its for an ISP

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2 Responses to “Sales and Marketing Plan?”

  1. imisidro says:

    Marketing plan and sales plans are different, though I often see sales plan incorporated in the marketing plan.

    A marketing plan contain a situation analysis, marketing strategy, sales forecast, and expense budget. The Sales plan is your strategic and tactical plan for achieving your marketing objectives. It is a step-by-step and detailed process that will show how you will acquire new business; and how you will gain more business from your existing customer base. You can easily combine the two.

    The best resource for marketing plans is also has free examples of marketing plans (which includes sales forecasts) that you can check out. There’s not one for an ISP, but you can pretty much see how to develop a plan and tailor made it to your business

  2. gogetter says:

    Enroll for free
    They have ISP included

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