sales-are we really gaining from them?

I have just read,that shops produce low quality stock especially for the sales.
Is that true??

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5 Responses to “sales-are we really gaining from them?”

  1. Jennifer F says:

    Some stores do this…. I bought some shirts for my husband on sale from Belks in Florida. Day after xmas, when I washed them, the sleeve literally fell off in the wash. When I went to exchange the item, I was told that I could only take another replacement shirt from the same rack as they had ordered these discounted items especially for xmas sales…. no refund.

    They didn’t gain anything from me… once my voice reached a certain level that the whole store could hear, they actually refunded my money. I NEVER went back in that store again.

    And by the way -IT’S NOT THE COUNTRY – it’s the store.


  2. krtctrkr says:

    omg why would they do that this country really stinks

  3. xsalxvengancex says:

    im prety sure yes, but either way its still cheaper for us

  4. LONDONER © says:

    yeah I got a jacket from French Connection which was 120 quid reduced to 60 quid (sorry me pound sign’s not working)

    I’m gonna get a Tom Tom too, 120 quid reduced to 114 😀

    … Nah I don’t believe that’s true coz of me French Connection jacket innit?! (

  5. hillary says:

    Of course – you see piles marked ‘seconds’ etc. in the sales. ready for greedy people to grab. They usually say they can’t be returned but when you see the TV pictures of fights to get into the shops, it’s a pity most of the people can’t be returned too.

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