Sales Assistants Rights With Angry Customers?

Why do I feel as a sales assistant that I lose my human rights as soon as I start work, “the customer is always right”, I hate that saying, it is starting to stress me out especially when customers talk to you like crap and find something silly to have a go at you with, I can’t argue back because I could lose my job which then I feel awkward because I can’t defend myself especially when it’s a huge man in your face intimidating you, don’t get me wrong the majority of my customers are lovely but others think they can walk all over you, do we even have any rights when it comes to things like this?

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One Response to “Sales Assistants Rights With Angry Customers?”

  1. corncrak says:

    Personally i refer people like that onwards/upwards to either a more senior person or direct them to customer services and let them deal with them. They are generally either older/experienced or harder personality wise. People these days are more stroppy and aggressive about the rights (sometimes assumed ones) and try to bully people into getting their way but it is horrible not having the means to bite back specially when they’ve been really pleasant to your face then turned round and moaned about you later to the assistant in complaints.
    Some things are petty but you just think that person is really sad lifewise if that’s all they’ve got to focus on or look at their partners/kids etc and think yeah.. i would be complaining too lol. Kill them with kindness or develop a very dry sense of humour and thicker skin but otherwise wish you were harry potter and with a swish of a wand they’ll disappear loool

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