Sales Executive/Representative?

What would you need to take at University for Sales Executive or Representative, and if there is any Uni’s that anyone knows of in the UK? Thankss
Thanks for that anyway your 2 and what would be some first steps to becoming one

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2 Responses to “Sales Executive/Representative?”

  1. Fairdo4all says:

    We cannot answer that Ben. Think about it, any company that manufactures a product or sells a Service use’s Sales Representatives oe Sales Executives (which are mostly one and the same), So one the one hand you could be a Sales Rep for a Pharmaceutical company an which a Science based degree would give you a head start, or you could be a Sales Rep for a Cardboard Box manufacturer in which case Good GCSE’s would probably suffice and a couple of A levels could give you a head start. It goes without saying that the more technical or complex the product or service, the higher the level of education needed.

  2. char says:

    i think experience is more important in that role, get a job, dont go to uni!

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