Sales jobs, too many egos?

I work in sales(selling mobile phone contracts), albeit part time but does anyone else feel there are too many personalities and egos to compete with? Do you want to compete with them? I find quite lots of people i work with very false and always make themselves out to be number one but if you try and have a conversation and they are not very interesting at all.

I suppose you could get these kind of people in every line of work but is it not you find these kind of people more in sales? Im only asking this as im in my final year of university and would like to start making decisions into which type of job i would like.

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One Response to “Sales jobs, too many egos?”

  1. 2bEarly says:

    I think you are correct, there is a greater incidence of those kinds op people in the work environment you describe.

    It’s likely to be that the type of work which isn’t challenging lets the mind apportion more importance to things that wouldn’t matter in more challenging environments.

    Of course, it’s possible to get egotistical people in any walk of life. You can’t guarantee not getting them, wherever you work, but you can lessen the chances by selecting a ‘profession’ rather than a ‘job’ i.e. ‘Engineer’ or ‘Architect’, rather than ‘Sales’ or ‘Shop Work’ ~ Unless you own them of course!

    You will have a certain amount of competition in all walks of life, the trick is only to compete in what’s important and forget the pointless and showy stuff that achieves little if anything worthwhile.

    You need to look for ‘careers’ not ‘jobs’ there is a difference.
    Here’s a site that might help you decide where your future lies:

    Remember to select a profession that you will enjoy! You work for a long time, so you need to enjoy it!

    Good Luck!

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