Sales people…………?

Do you enjoy your job? Are you good at your job?

Has anyone tried this but decided it wasn’t for you?

Any advice for someone considering going into media/advertising sales as a career change?

No trolls please.


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One Response to “Sales people…………?”

  1. Richard says:

    Our whole life we "sell" ideas we want people to take action on or get permission. I enjoy life and I enjoy communicating ideas that improve peoples lives. So yes Sales is a great skill to master.

    No one has ever tried to decided whats best for my "career".

    If you are considering going in to any high demand sales positions I don’t care what it is. You better believe and enjoy your product and the problems they can solve. If you don’t then you will have an even harder time meeting your goals.

    Media spots like radio and TV tend to be more skeptical methods of advertising for many businesses. So being able to assist those businesses in over coming the common fear of loss on ROI (return on investment) is a vital roll for getting sales.

    You will want to become very skilled in listening and asking questions. Learning to understand what people say and not just what you hear will take you very far in a sales position.

    Example: A person calls and inquires about putting a spot on the radio at prime time.

    You immediately Turn around and try to sell him some other stuff because you think you know whats best for them. This happens a lot when people are told to follow scripts. Ever get a sales call from a cable company or cell phone company. They don’t even ask if you are interested but if you just keep listening they will keep reading. What a waste of time. That is the tell and hope the other person doesn’t get pissed and hang up method.

    Instead of just saying of course we have spots open in these two slots, which one would you prefer? Will you be running that spot for 3 weeks or 5 weeks?


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