sales psychology & subliminal messages?

In a sales enviroment there are certain ways to grab attention, and lead people in the direction that you want. I know of one method that when nearing the close of a sale using a simple line like "by now i hope you understand…" or "by now you should see advantages of…" The oprative wording being by now. Making the customer hear these words creates suttle thoughts of buying now. (brief example of the stuff im looking for) But there must be more methods! can anyone help directly or perhaps sugest some litrature to reffer me to? What has worked for you if you have been in the sales business before or if you have met anoying sales reps what let them down? I work for a large nationwide home improvement firm making appointments through door to door canvasing and direct sales in clients homes, if that helps with any sugestions.
And yes, I already know the obvious ones like being friendly, enthusiastic, curtious and all the other ones that just come with common sence and manners.
I am not in it for the con, its just simple sugestion!

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  1. Rainmaker says:

    Sounds like you’d enjoy reading up on NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming. This answers a lot of your questions – how to talk so people will listen, how to speak in a way that makes them comfortable, etc.

    Sales is not manipulation. However, I’m taking issue with some of the other answerers. People often have needs they don’t know they have, or are too lazy to fix. Example: using vendor A, who does an average job, but whose mistakes end up costing our company money. Often in their mind, it’s too much work to find a fix, they’re not the one losing the money, it’s the company, etc. etc. A professional salesperson, and my view is that this is fewer than 3% of us, is TRAINED to find, or assist the prospect in finding on their own, PAIN, or unhappiness with their current or future situation. Not my concept, but of the Sandler Sales Institute, which trained me. No, I don’t work for them. They are a national franchise. If you’re serious about Sales as a career, find a good sales trainer. Books are good, but a good Sales Coach is the best.

    Good Luck.


  2. camern11 says:

    Unless your a con man,I would say use the honest approach and don’t try and manipulate people. People are smarter today, with all the mediums that’s available to educate themselves on, like the Internet. Most people don’t fall for that psychological sales mumble jumble. Being honest, and forthright is the best method. IMO

  3. Cliffe-climber says:

    It depends whether you are one of the canvassers, or the salesperson who visits to do the deal.

    As a canvasser, your job is just to cover as large an area as you can in the time allowed. You need to suss out the customer within 30 seconds to see whether they are likely to be interested. There’s no point in wasting time trying to talk people into a home improvement they’ve never considered.

    If you are the sales person, then you need to find out exactly what the customer wants. Don’t try to sell them anything until you know this as you’ll be wasting your time and theirs.

    Selling is about matching your product to the needs of your customer. If the match is clear, they are more likely to buy. You can’t tell them about this match until you’ve found out about them.

    Customers also appreciate honesty. If your product isn’t suitable, then say so. There’s nothing worse for everyone concerned than a dissatisfied customer.

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