Sales question for everyone?

Someone has a electronic product (mobile devise) retailed at £600, how much would an average salesman and a great salesman can sell in 8 working hours, and if your an sales personal I want to hear your opinion more then most.

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One Response to “Sales question for everyone?”

  1. vayden12 says:

    A couple of things will factor into an average salesman and great salesman comparison.

    1) £600 is not cheap in today’s economy. Many people think it’s all about amount of attempted sales, but I disagree. Experience tells me it’s about quality contacts with those interested and able to afford it.
    2) A good salesman builds a network by asking referrals, not just pushing who’s in front of them to buy. This means if someone is not interested, it’s easy enough to ask who they might know who would be.
    3) Support after the sale is key on even the best of products since you’re not buying to use once, you may need something later.

    Average salesman goes 1-3 an hour and a great salesman would sell probably 40-50 daily to the right people. Business is all about continuous relationships

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