Sales work???

Hi everyone, I’ve just got myself a new job which eventually end up in management. However, before that I have to be trained in sales so that I am sure of all the products offered, etc. The whole sales aspect is worrying me slighty because its completely new but I know that I have to start somewhere!

Just wondering then if anyone has any advice? Thanks!

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  1. Arnie Sherr says:


    I was national sales manager for national toy distributor for 20 of 27 years. Like all other career choices it is necessary to have product knowledge. But that is not all there is! Having product knowledge now opens the door to actually selling the products of which you have gained knowledge. Sales, in itself is an art. There are proved methods and procedures that very successful salespeople over the years have developed and written of in books and journals available at stores like Borders.

    Moreover, there are different kinds of sales: Retail Sales, Direct Sales, Business to Business sales, Consumer Sales, In-Home Sales, Telephone Sales, Car and Truck Sales, and Advertising Sales (and more).

    With all of their inherent similarities, each has certain requirement unique to themselves.

    The most general outline of the sales process is:


    Appointment setting

    The Warm-up

    The Presentation

    The Close

    Getting Referrals

    Each of the above is a course in themselves. Much of your training will include all of the above. However, I can see you are excited and enthusiastic; therefore, I strongly suggest you visit the book store; go the the marketing section and not just read, but select and study books on sales. Also, and very important, read books on the importance of building and sustaining a positive attitude.

    The most significant challenge that accompanies sales is "rejection." Most fail in sales because they purceive the refusal to buy what you are selling as a personal rejection; when infact, what they are rejecting is the product; not the messenger.

    The more you prepare yourself on your own, while be trained on the job, the more confidence you will build; the more success you will enjoy.

    CONFIDENCE and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE are absolute essentials for all who wish to and are successful in sales.

    Good Luck
    Visit my Website; I’ve written many articles on customer service which may help.

  2. Chez_DeVille says:

    I sure hope that the management position is in writing.

    It is such a typical hook to promise a sales person an eventual job in management, but guess what? You never get the management position promised.

  3. Vikki says:

    I’ve been in sales for the last ten years and it’s not an easy job. There’s so much competition out there, also internet sales are taking over a big part of the job. My only advice to you would be to know your products inside out, and be confident and prepared to work hard to be the best. Good luck!

  4. marki says:

    i agree with chez,go carefull

  5. Pinkie says:

    Hi – get th product knowledge and just throw yourself into the product (not literally). Believe in the product and this should make the sales easier

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