samoyed puppy for sale anywhere?

hi im looking for a female samoyed puppy. obviously i am willing to pay have a budget of up to about 400 however most ive seen are like, 900 does anyone no of any female young samoyed puppies (actually consider most ages just want a female) for sale anywhere in england under about 300 quid? thanks (not advertising just unsure of where to look? ?

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  1. Kitty Cullen <3's Johnny says:

    this is a great, reliable site to look.

    I have bought 2 puppies off of here with no problems i recommmened it to my auntie and my cousin and they both found puppies and bought them.

    You don’t pay over the internet, you just see one you want, contact the sellers, and then go from there. arrange to go and see the dog/puppy. And hopefully buy it.

    Good luck.

    don’t know where you live but here is one for £300, two girl ones. Pure white in colour, 3 Months old.

    Hope this helps, great dogs to breed from, i suppose this is why you wanted a girl.

    EssJay – this is not a random website, it is a well known website and VERY safe, when i was looking to buy my first dog, my vet told me this site and he said it’s a great site and very reliable. If your not satisfied with the pup you obv. don’t have to buy it.
    You don’t even buy over the internet.
    If people have puppies for sale obv. they going to advertise them, whether it’s in newspaper, vets, pet shops or known sites.
    I know many people who have used this site, and are very satisfied with it, i would not have my beautiful doggies now if not for this site.
    If you don’t know what the site is about, then don’t mock it. If you do, then why are you ?

  2. Maria says:

    try link below, hope that helps, lots of breeders on there for you.

  3. Suzie says:

    Sorry but most samoyed breeders aren’t going to let a puppy go for just £300, they are expensive dogs.

  4. MamaBas says:

    You are more likely to find one that fits your budget if you contact Samoyed Rescue – which would probably mean an adult and not a puppy. Also check on Champdogs which is probably the only website I’d remotely consider using because usually good breeders do not have to advertise their stock on a general puppy website. In fact they have a waiting list!!

    If you are specific in what you want (female etc.) I’d suggest you would be far better to save up a bit more, get your name on a list (having checked out a few breeders first) and wait. After all you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap, you may end up paying a lot more in vet bills in the end.

  5. EssJay says:

    Try Samoyed rescue but if you want a well bred, trainable, healthy puppy with a good temperament go to a reputable breeder.
    Do not buy from random web listings or newspaper ads unless you want to risk high vet bills.

  6. poodle power says:

    Have you looked at the kennel club site as they have list of good breeders. I not sure how much they usual sell for but if good breeders charge £900 then if you find a breeder who does cheap puppies they will be poorly breed so avoid. All dog breeds have specailisted rescue so you can find details of them to from the kennel club so worth looking into as you say you would consider most ages.

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