Sample Letter For How To Ask Boss For Discount On Child Tuition?

Re: Requesting discount on Child Tuition
Dear _____,
I am currently employed by the agency in the position of ______. Due to inflation and the cost of living expenses, I am requesting to be considered for a reduction in the amount of child tuition that I am currently paying. Thank you taking time out of your busy day for addressing and considering this issue.

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One Response to “Sample Letter For How To Ask Boss For Discount On Child Tuition?”

  1. lolo says:

    When making such a request I would provide slightly more detail. I might include some specifics regarding the amount you currently pay in tuition and the reason why your making such a request. At the same time, I would stay away from including too much detail about your personal finances. Because of this, I would look at this example I’ve made…
    Dear, ________
    Over the last twelve months there has been a number of situations which have directly impacted the financial stability of my household. With this said, I am formally requesting that my current child care rate of _______ be examined for possible reduction in overall cost. I understand that many factors must be taken into consideration, however, with current increases in inflation I believe my employment with our company/school does warrant consideration on this subject.
    As I have been employed with _______ for the last _______ years, I make this request with honest intention. If my financial situation was any different I would not be making such a request. As a valued employee of ______ I would hope to have my request considered on such a subject.
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to read through this document.
    Sincerely, _______
    I hope this helps…

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