Samsung Galaxy S3 For At&t At Walmart For Only $98.00 Questions? Help Please!!?

Herrro o.o..I’m getting a new phone tomorrow for my burfday and I just had a few questions before I go out purchasing it. So I saw this deal at Walmart for the Samsung Galaxy s3 on sale for $98.00. Great deal right? The bill is like $80 or something. Expensive o-o…So yeah, if I get the Samsung Galaxy for s3 on at&t is it gonna be good and have good connection and everything? Will I get internet anywhere I go? Maybe not like up in the mountains, but other than that. So I will show you the picture of it but it says T-Mobile, I’m not getting it for T-Mobile though I’m getting it for at&t that’s the only difference. I have the picture of the phone on at&t but here’s the one for T-Mobile. If I have an at&t family pack will I get the phone for free or at least cheaper? Thankyouuuu!:3
Oh yeah and if you want to know what the at&t phone information says here’s what it says:
~Samsung Galaxy S3 Wht 4G LTE
*With 2yr Service or Upgrade Agreement
Data Plan Required
$600.00 without Service Agreement~
-4G LTE Speeds Capable
– Android 4.0 Ice Ceam Sandwich OS
– 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor
– 8MP Rear and 1.9MP Front Cameras
– 16GB Internal Storage
-MicroSD Storage Expandable to 64GB
That’s exactly all the information on the at&t phone at Walmart for $98.00
Can anyone explain to me what all that means though?..I have like no clue. ._…
And is there any better deals than this one?
Is this a good deal and should I get it? Thank you so muchh! ^_^

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